Album „Kudlius“

„Kudlius“Over the twenty five years of existence “Vydraga” had several violinists in its crew. Nowadays, only one plays regularly, but while recording this album we wanted a fuller sound.This is the reason we invited a young violinist, a student of Algirdas Klova – Matas Macevičius.

This album is a totally live studio record with no digital editing or special adjustments. In short – you hear exactly what we played.

The album „Kudlius“contains melodies written down during the folklore expeditions of different times. We play them traditionally but in our own versions. The last few musical compositions (tracks 12 to 18) have Slavic intonations. However, all of them were written down in Lithuania and were played in our villages and towns. „Vydraga“ prepared such program specially for the festival „Pokrovskije kolokola“.

We are very grateful to LLKC for the audio recording studio and to sound director Rimantas Motiejūnas for the record. Also, many thanks to artist Zinas Kazėnas for the effigy of “Kudlius”.

Thank you for listening.

CD "Roger Watson & Vydraga"

CD Roger Watson & VydragaThe creative firendship of Algirdas Klova and Roger Watson continues since 2003, when they first met in Luxemburg. Later followed collective works in Hampshire, London, Vilnius - "Griežynė" festival, where part of this album was played and just shortly after recorded in "Aurea" studio. The program consists of traditional Lithuanian and English melodies, however especially free and individual atittude of all musicians towards this music, makes it multicultural and perfectly understandable not only for Lithuanians or Englishmen, but for the "Martians" too.

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CD „Per šilą jojau“

CD „Per šilą jojau“The phrase “Per Šilą Jojau” (I was riding through a pinewood) is the title of the first song in this album, but not only. The pinewood is a symbol of our life, our paths in life. The pinewood is a treasury of ethno culture open for our use. Tracks and pathways in the symbolic pinewood mark the streams and trends of folk creations; the singers and musicians, whose voices and playing are recorded in the archive of folk arts—people we meet during our expeditions—are its dwellers. It is the pinewood where we caught the Golden Bird (Aukso Paukštė). A ride through the pinewood is the life experience and events.

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Vydraga MC III

Vydraga MC IIIThis is the third cassette of Lithuanian folk group "VYDRAGA". We recorded it after we celebrated five year anniversary of working together. While listening to the cassette you will hear songs and music performed by "Vydraga“ in different periods of its activity which have never been recorded before.

Part of this national heritage was found by ourselves during expeditions and other material we borrowved from archives, manuscripts and publications.


1994 m. DAP Audio.

CD "Vydraga"

CD Vydraga

This is the first CD of Instrumental Folk Group “Vydraga“ (2000).
Algirdas Klova – fiddle, shepherd’s flute.
Marijus Šnaras – fiddle, guitar.
Vytautas Linkevičius – folk bass, shepherd’s flute, bagpipe.
Regimantas Žitkauskas – bandonion, board zithers (kanklės), folk bass.
Jūratė Klovienė – percussion.

To the tenth anniversary of the „Vydraga“

To the tenth anniversary of the VydragaThis selected CD and MC of lithuanian folklore group „Vydraga“ is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the ensemble. You can find here 14 records which have not been published before as well as other most representative semples of lithuanian folklore recorded during all time of „Vydraga“ activity.


CD & MC 1998 AZBI


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MC "Folk company Vydraga"

MC Folk company VydragaThis cassette contains the songs and dances from „Vydraga" expeditions in Seredžius, Skapiškis, Gargždai, the songs of old Dzūkai (the region in Lithuania) winter rites, sutartines and songs from Kietaviškių parish, collected by priest T. Brazys.

The company is very thankful to Skirmantas Sasnauskas (bagpipe).

Recorded in Vilnius record study in April, 1992

Sound engineer R. Motiejūnas.