"Vydraga +" - first CD

„VYDRAGA +“An American music from the beginning of the 20th century is first time ever in Lithuania performed and recorded in this CD by an unexpectedly born old acoustic American country music project „VYDRAGA +“. This project is formed by all five members of instrumental folk band „Vydraga“ and representatives of three other genres: singer Aurelija Venskutė, banjo player Alius Sirgėtas and guitar player Augustinas Jankevičius. In the very end of this album you will find two songs (tracks 14 and 15) which were recorded with singer Migle Kepežėniene.

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Vydraga +

Vydraga +The participation of Vydraga in the country music festival for many may seem unexpected, however the history of the group testifies this move to be natural and regular. At present Vydraga plays Lithuanian folk music as well as that of other countries’ of the world adding peculiar interpretations and enjoying joint experiments with representatives of other music genres. There has been a number of well known and successful joint music projects and published CDs cooperating with Roger Watson (England), Tatsuya Okabayashi (Japan), jazz musicians Vladimiras Čekasinas, Skirmantas Sasnauskas, Arūnas Šlaustas and others who have brought the group to the essentials of country music.

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New CD

CD Lithuanian folklore group Vydraga and Englishman musician Roger Watson released new CD. The creative friendship of Algirdas Klova and Roger Watson continues since 2003, when they first met in Luxemburg. Later followed collective works in Hampshire, London, and Vilnius - "Griežynė" festival, where part of this album was played and just shortly after recorded in "Aurea" studio. The program consists of traditional Lithuanian and English melodies, however especially free and individual attitude of all musicians towards this music, makes it multicultural and perfectly understandable not only for Lithuanians or Englishman, but for the "Martians" too.


Old Vydraga"Vydraga" - Lithuanian folk group. In 1988 Algirdas Klova organized this group, and is the leader till our days. The group had organized folk expeditions, had founded youth folk studio, recorded and published 4 MC, 1 CD, prepared over 10 different musical programs about Lithuanian folk history, filmed themselves in 4 Lithuanian TV programs, made more then three hours of music for Lithuanian radio stocks. They tried to join folklore with other musical genres. "Vydraga" had participated in many concerts, festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Italy.

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