Festival "Griežynė 2014"

International Instrumental Folklore Festival “Griežynė 2014“

Unique in terms of genre in Lithuania and the most enduring in the eastern Baltics, GRIEŽYNĖ International Festival of Instrumental Folk Music is a special event held every second year in Vilnius. It emerged in 1992 as a bodily form of an idea suggested by two enthusiasts of instrumental folk music - composer Algirdas Klova and Arūnas Lunys. The name of the festival - GRIEŽYNĖ - was chosen purposefully. GRIEŽYNĖ is a dialect word for fiddle, one of the chief folk instruments in Lithuania and in other countries.

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September 10th, Wednesday, Vilnius

5 p.m. Opening of the exposition of Lithuanian folk music instruments made by Egidijus Virbašius, and the concert of folklore ensemble „Ratilėlis“ (Kaunas) in Lithianian theatre, music and cinema museum (Vilnius str. 41)
6:30 p.m. Post folk music evening with University of Mykolas Riomeris folklore ensemble „Ritingo“ (Vilnius) in Vilnius teachers` house salon (Vilnius str. 39)

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Festival guests

Harmonica players` duo - Vytas Rimkus ir Dainius Maslauskas, Lithuania

Harmonica players` duo started playing together one and a half year ago when encouraged by their teacher and inspirer, one of the best harmonica players` Algimantas Mieliauskas. Moreover, both love playing, „petersburgian“ harmonica. Soon enough they had a debut performance in the festival “Pamituvio armonika 2013”. Later in the fall they became laureates in republican harmonica player duo competition.

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Festival Events

September 10th, Wednesday, 5 p.m. the opening of an exhibition of the Lithuanian folk instruments made by Egidijus Virbašius and a concert of Kaunas children folklore ensemble „Ratilėlis“ in Lithuanian theater, music and cinema museum (Vilnius str. 41)

Musician E. Virbašius got interested in the making of Lithuanian folk instruments when studying in the Music Academy of Lithuania. Later on he was also teaching there – he taught his student to play the traditional Lithuanian folk instruments. Also, he started working in the instruments` workshop led by Zigmas Armonas. He studied lithuanian instruments not only in Lithuania but also held in the funds of Latvian, Estonian, Karelian, Russian, Finnish museums. Therefore, when making the new instruments he follows the typical ethnic and regional traditions. E. Virbašius organized the exhibitions not only in Lithuania but also in Norway, Germany, France, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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They Played in „Griežynė“

Sergej Starostin (Rusija/Russia) - 1992
Kevin Tilbury (Anglija/England ) - 1992, 1994
Gjermund Kolltveit (Norvegija/Norway) - 1992
Atle Lien Jensen (Norvegija/Norway) - 1992
“Kapela z Sulym“ (Lenkija/Poland) - 1992
Andrzej Zajko (Lenkija/Poland) - 1992, 1998
Per O.G. Runberg (Švedija/Sweden) - 1992

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