Festival "Griežynė 2010"

Festival "Griežynė"

Unique in terms of genre in Lithuania and the most enduring in the eastern Baltics, GRIEŽYNĖ International Festival of Instrumental Folk Music is a special event held every second year in Vilnius. It emerged in 1992 as a bodily form of an idea suggested by two enthusiasts of instrumental folk music - composer Algirdas Klova and Arūnas Lunys. The name of the festival - GRIEŽYNĖ - was chosen purposefully. GRIEŽYNĖ is a dialect word for fiddle, one of the chief folk instruments in Lithuania and in other countries.

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Festival guests

Kapela MazowieckaKapela Mazowiecka (Poland) plays authentic folk music from Northern and Western parts of Polish region of Masovia. The instruments used by the band are among the oldest and most typical for the area. They include the first fiddle, the second fiddle and the upright bass (bassola). Such a set is recalled by elder inhabitants of Masovia as "the most ancient". Occassionaly folk bands were also accompanied by the clarinet in key "C".

The bass could be of a full-scale double bass or od the size of a cello.

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